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    Markus Stoeckli

    Connect the power supply to the mains – does the LED on the power supply light up? If not, try a different socket or power cable. If this fails, contact support.

    Connect the power supply to the device. Switch the device on. Does the LED-ring in the switch light up? If not, contact support.

    Wait 1 minute. Does the WLAN-dongle at the back of the device flash a blue LED (looking straight into it)? If not, reboot the device and try again. If LED does not flash, contact support.

    Try to connect to the WiFi hotspot named “iMatrixSpray”. Use password “0000000000”. If this fails, use a different device. iPhones/iPads, Android pads 4.4 and above and Windows 7/8 computers were tested.

    Use the web browser to connect to and wait for the iMatrix web interface to show. If this fails, try a different computer. Check the network settings if you actually connected to the device and that your device received an IP starting with 10.10… . Unplug any additional network cables from your computer and test again. If this fails, contact support with the exact error you receive in your web browser.

    If the connection to the driver (“Connection” window in upper left corner on the web interface) reports an issue, ensure that the USB cable in the back of the iMatrixSpray is connected on both sides and that you have the proper serial setting: ”/dev/ACM0” and “115200”. If changed, select “Save connection settings”, press “Connect”. If this fails, reboot an try again.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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