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    Markus Stoeckli

    Based on many requests we added a feature to allow changing of the spray area directly in the graphical user interface. Follow the instructions below to update your iMatrixSpray:

    Download the software WinSCP from to the same computer the iMatrixSpray is connected to.
    The software does not need installation, just execute WinSCP.exe

    Connect to the iMatrixSpray entering the address of the device, e.g. when connected by WLAN. Username is “pi” and password is “raspberry”.

    Unzip the files from this update to a folder of your choice. Using WinSCP, navigate to the target location of each file and rename the existing *.old. Then copy the new file from the computer to its place using WinSCP:


    Once done, open the Terminal fron WinSCP (Ctrl-t) and send this command “/home/pi/opr” to restart the server. If you refresh the web browser, you will see the additional input fields.

    As a side note: While in WinSCP, navigate to /home/pi/OctoPrint/octoprint/methods/. In this directory you’ll find the latest spray file and the cleaning routines. You may download them to your computer, modify and rename them, then drag them to the web interface to upload them to a different folder. Once uploaded, you may use them at any time.

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    Markus Stoeckli

    After having collected all the feedback, let me summarize the findings. Uniformity can be evaluated at different scales, either across the sample area or for high resolution homogeneity.

    As to homogeneity across the sample area, this is achieved by having a precision syringe pump delivering the matrix and by selecting a line distance of 5 mm or below.

    The drop size depends on the matrix solution, matrix flow, gas pressure, distance of capillary end to gas tube and distance between nozzle and sample. We found good starting parameters to be 1.2 bar gas pressure and extension of the glas capillary out of the stainless steel capillary of 0.5 to 1 mm. These two parameters are the most critical.

    In case where the matrix deposition is too wet, you might want to decrease the line distance. This will result in the same amount of matrix being delivered to the sample, but at a lower rate. Alternatively, or in combination, you can increase the gas pressure to deliver a dryer spray.


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    Markus Stoeckli

    The internal server is a raspberry pi board running Linux. To change the network setting, you need to have command line access to the board using the SSH protocol. For Windows systems, there is a software named “PuTTY” from which works well for this task.

    Once downloaded, you don’t have to install anything, just execute PuTTY. Type as Host Name (if connected by WLAN) and click the Open button. Ignore the key warning showing up the first time and press Yes. Use pi as user and raspberry as password. When successful, you’ll see the prompt pi@raspberrypi ~ $.

    Now type
    sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces
    iface eth0 inet dhcp
    with something like this (dependent on your network)

    iface eth0 inet static

    Save the file (WriteOut and Exit). Reboot. Done.

    in reply to: User Manual V 2.2 #235
    Markus Stoeckli

    We found an issue with the new versions of the Arduino IDE. If you change the Marlin code, compile it with Arduino 1.0.5.

    in reply to: iMatrixSpray vs. HTX vs. Sunchrome #219
    Markus Stoeckli

    The other sprayers in your list are commercial devices which come bundled with their own software as dedicated instruments. In general, all the devices are able to deliver a spray deposition on a surface. These are currently the main difference, but I expect for some vendors to pick up our ideas and implement them in their devices 😉 :

    • The iMatrixSpray can autonomously deposit up to 3 different liquids and automatically cleans itself – no interaction required. No other device can do this.
    • The iMatrixSpray is completely open for your modifications. All the software is freely available and by using generics electronics there is a large community who is developing software. You want to add a heated surface for drying or a layer thickness monitor? Just do it, it’s open. This is unique.
    • The iMatrixSpray comes with a warranty on the parts only (in contrast to the other sprayers). In the unlikely case of a part failing, you don’t have to send back the whole device for repair but you’ll get a replacement part for your own mounting. But with the simple design, there’s no part which could not be replaced by you within 10 minutes. Other manufacturers offer full on-site support.
    • The iMatrixSpray was optimized for best sensitivity, reproducibility and homogeneity in MSI. Other sprayers might be better suited for specific applications, e.g. ultimate resolution by semi-dry deposition. But having stated this, we just didn’t test this on our device yet…
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