shipping now…

we are proud to have a growing community of satisfied iMatrixSpray users, and we build systems as orders arrive. nearly completely pre-assembled kits of this version 2.3 are available for ordering now.

we do not only design, assembled and test the device in Switzerland, we also do machine the mechanical parts here. materials used are anodized aluminum and stainless steel, which results in a durable and robust design.

the spray head is separately packed for shipping – just unpack the device, mount the head, install the included power supply, provide power, gas and matrix and the the sprayer is ready to run. one hour from opening the box to the first successful matrix coating – no guessing and optimizing.

price is 7400 CHF ex. VAT. including all parts. current delivery time is 8 weeks from order. contact us at support@imatrixspray.com for more information or to get a quote.

this is a community project – please contribute and send us your input.

“by sharing and combing our ideas we achieve more together. I’m a big fan of the free and open source software and hardware concept. download the design and software for the iMatrixSpray and build your own device or order one from this site and start contributing…”
markus stoeckli