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    Received by Email

    I am looking into buying the iMatrixSpray and was wondering how it compares in your experience to the HTX or SunChrom sprayers.

    Markus Stoeckli

    The other sprayers in your list are commercial devices which come bundled with their own software as dedicated instruments. In general, all the devices are able to deliver a spray deposition on a surface. These are currently the main difference, but I expect for some vendors to pick up our ideas and implement them in their devices 😉 :

    • The iMatrixSpray can autonomously deposit up to 3 different liquids and automatically cleans itself – no interaction required. No other device can do this.
    • The iMatrixSpray is completely open for your modifications. All the software is freely available and by using generics electronics there is a large community who is developing software. You want to add a heated surface for drying or a layer thickness monitor? Just do it, it’s open. This is unique.
    • The iMatrixSpray comes with a warranty on the parts only (in contrast to the other sprayers). In the unlikely case of a part failing, you don’t have to send back the whole device for repair but you’ll get a replacement part for your own mounting. But with the simple design, there’s no part which could not be replaced by you within 10 minutes. Other manufacturers offer full on-site support.
    • The iMatrixSpray was optimized for best sensitivity, reproducibility and homogeneity in MSI. Other sprayers might be better suited for specific applications, e.g. ultimate resolution by semi-dry deposition. But having stated this, we just didn’t test this on our device yet…
Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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